#MomLife Episode #1 Shannon Cunningham

#MomLife Episode #1 Shannon Cunningham

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“Hi everyone!  Welcome to episode number 1 of the #Momlife Podcast!  I’m your host Cynthia Blase, and this is the show all about thriving in that mom stage in life. We’re chatting with some of my favorite Mom friends, sharing stories, and searching for wisdom from real mamas who have been down that road a bit—some still in the trenches and some that have graduated their kids and can mentor us younger mamas.  My hope is that this podcast will encourage you ladies as you go through your daily routine—as you shuttle your kids between activities or run your errands or get your sweat on in a good work out.  On this episode, I’ll be speaking with my friend Shannon Cunningham and we’ll be talking about disobedience and meanness, I invite you to listen in and be encouraged!

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